Import Template for Leads and Clients

You may import new Leads and Clients into the MSICRM database. The data file needs to be in a CSV format. The template is below.

Please note that the NAME field is not needed in Leads imports but is required for Clients imports. The NAME field references Account Name. An Account Name is generally an umbrella account over multiple clients such as a household (husband and wife) or a company.
Some formats of the NAME field:
Smith, Joe (if individual)
Smith Joe and Susie (if married)
Joe Smith Co (if company)

IMPORTANT: Once you get to STEP 4 of the import process you MUST choose EMAIL ADDRESS in Available Fields on the right side and drag it over to the Fields to Check on the left side before proceeding with the Import Now button. Otherwise you will get numerous errors on the screen and only a partial import of records.

Minor Update 10/2/2021

  1. Corrected a mailhandler issue that caused some clients to experience internal email issues and editing not to function correctly.
  2. Product_Type has been added to the Client view to match Leads and Applications.
  3. Validated 2FA for all users – enable 2FA in your user profile and be sent the 2FA code via email
  4. Modified Application module to add fields Premium and Premium Period to provide more data instead of the prior field of monthly premium.
  5. Updated terms of service and privacy policy to be on one form instead of embedded links
  6. Cleaned cache of all client instances

We are currently working on two issues of a moderate high priority including 1. Google Calendar Sync and 2. Password Reset workflow.

Google Calendar Sync is currently NOT working on any instance due to a Google file update that is to be implemented into MSICRM during the next service pack late October-early November. 1/5/2022 – This was working as of December 1, 2021.

Password Reset workflow is allowing the password to be updated but is not allowing a ! (exclamation point) as a special character but the wording just states that a special character is needed. The workaround is to use another special character (@#$). Further, the password reset workflow is also sending clients an email with a system generated password at the same time that the update occurs causing some confusion. Use the password you created as the system generated password is invalid.

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