Minor Update 2/28/2022


  1. MSICRMDEV – database repair/rebuild is fixed.
  2. MSICRMDEV – import LEAD and CLIENT records gives errors, requires all leads to have emails, or run in 2-step process of import list with emails 1st, and 2nd import list w/o emails.
  3. MSICRMDEV – minor label changes for msicrm
  4. MSICRMDEV – From Client Mass Update – remove unused fields
    Sync to Outlook, Application Role, Reports To, Portal User Type
  5. MSICRMDEV – make username in profile noneditable to anyone but admin

Accepting Bitcoin and Bitcoin via Lightning

MSICRM has implemented acceptance of Bitcoin (on-chain) and Bitcoin via Lightning Network (off-chain) in our shopping cart. This has been provided by Morton Business Consulting.

Choosing which payment method is more about speed of the transaction as well as total price of the purchase. Bitcoin on Lightning is very fast – takes less than 30 seconds to confirm the purchase. Paying Bitcoin on-chain takes on average of 10 minutes for the transaction to confirm.

If your total is less than $500, use Lightning. It’s fast and inexpensive.
If your total is more than $500. use Bitcoin. It may take longer but there won’t be a technical issue with liquidity on the Lightning Network.


All-In-One TurnKey Solution

Need a CRM? A website? Integration?

Look no further than MSICRM.

We can provide a website that you can update and change as you want.  We provide you the foundation and hand you the keys. Our dynamic templates allow your site to be lively and interactive. Here is an example site.

Your website will be customized with your pictures and your products/descriptions.  These are five-page sites (you can always add more) that include your Home page, About, Products, Blog and Contact pages.  The contact form sends data to your MSICRM instance so you can followup with your leads.  The site is secure with an https protocol and backups are provided automatically.

Once signed up, we send you a questionnaire to help us build your site.  You will work with a designer to flesh out the site for layout and pictures and content.

The initial setup and hosting for the year is included in the price.  This includes up to five hours of design and consulting time with additional time billed at our current hourly rate.  Also includes domain name registration and unlimited emails, and tech support via email.
Subsequent years are billed at current renewal rates (currently $150 per year)  on your renewal date.

If you are interested in this offering, please order it via our website.

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