Minor Update 2/28/2022


  1. MSICRMDEV – database repair/rebuild is fixed.
  2. MSICRMDEV – import LEAD and CLIENT records gives errors, requires all leads to have emails, or run in 2-step process of import list with emails 1st, and 2nd import list w/o emails.
  3. MSICRMDEV – minor label changes for msicrm
  4. MSICRMDEV – From Client Mass Update – remove unused fields
    Sync to Outlook, Application Role, Reports To, Portal User Type
  5. MSICRMDEV – make username in profile noneditable to anyone but admin

Minor Update 10/2/2021

  1. Corrected a mailhandler issue that caused some clients to experience internal email issues and editing not to function correctly.
  2. Product_Type has been added to the Client view to match Leads and Applications.
  3. Validated 2FA for all users – enable 2FA in your user profile and be sent the 2FA code via email
  4. Modified Application module to add fields Premium and Premium Period to provide more data instead of the prior field of monthly premium.
  5. Updated terms of service and privacy policy to be on one form instead of embedded links
  6. Cleaned cache of all client instances

We are currently working on two issues of a moderate high priority including 1. Google Calendar Sync and 2. Password Reset workflow.

Google Calendar Sync is currently NOT working on any instance due to a Google file update that is to be implemented into MSICRM during the next service pack late October-early November. 1/5/2022 – This was working as of December 1, 2021.

Password Reset workflow is allowing the password to be updated but is not allowing a ! (exclamation point) as a special character but the wording just states that a special character is needed. The workaround is to use another special character (@#$). Further, the password reset workflow is also sending clients an email with a system generated password at the same time that the update occurs causing some confusion. Use the password you created as the system generated password is invalid.

Minor Update 9/16/2021

  • Added Middle Initial text box for primary client and spouse to the database for Leads and Clients.
  • Added a Language field to Leads and Clients and have listed English and Spanish. You can pick both by holding the control (CTRL) button while clicking both choices with the mouse.
  • Cleaned up Clients to match Leads for Spouse First Name and Spouse Last Name.

MSICRM – Updates for December 2020

Greetings Subscribers!

We are very excited to push out a bunch of changes this month.  These were mainly created through suggestions from our clients. 

1.  You have the availability to change your color scheme with the current theme.  Go to the upper right of the desktop and click your username and then click Profile.  On the next page, click the Layout Options tab.  You can then select the color via the Style dropdown.  Default is Day, but you can also change this to Dawn, Dusk and Night.  To see the difference, visit our blog:
Note – we are actively testing a new theme that will have a different layout and color scheme available.  More choices are on the way.  This new layout will have a more compact view to allow more data to be on one screen. 

2.  We are posting videos on the blog page.  I am recording segments and editing these and posting as I can.  There is a 30 minute overview of creating leads, converting to clients and creating applications; as well as setting up email/sms templates; and Google Calendar sync integration.

3.  Alt Address is enabled now for Leads and Clients.   You can now add alt/billing addresses in the system. 

4.  Application Closed Date – a new enhancement to automatically set the Closed Date of an Application when it its Sales Stage is marked Closed Sold or Closed Lost. 

5.  The Lead, Client and Application views have been modified.   We have collapsed several of the subpanels to be closed upon initial opening of the document.  You can open them by clicking on them.  This allows the major subpanels to be hidden from view if not needed – such as Spouse Data, Commission, Mortgage Info, More Information, etc…

6.  Looks like the Add Notes subpanel was inadvertently turned off in Leads, Clients and Apps in late November.  This has been corrected.  You can now use the Create Notes or Attachment button correctly in the History subpanel of each document type.  This is the place to store digital documents such as lead sheets or applications.

7.  No more manually adding a spouse as a client after building the first spouse as a Lead and converting to a Client.  A workflow was added that if you add a Spouse name to the Lead that upon Convert Lead, it creates the Spouse in the Account record for both spouse1 and spouse2.  It is still necessary for you to name the Account in the Convert process as a husband/wife format (ie- “Smith, Bob and Susie”) otherwise it will create the Account as “Smith, Bob” (spouse1).  

8.  We created an Admin role that allows an assistant to view your clients data but hides sensitive data such as social security #, medicare/medicaid numbers and the commission subpanel.  A near-term enhancement is pending that will mask the numbers with **** unless you click on it to the view the data.

9. We’ve integrated our parent company’s helpdesk.  Active clients will receive an email address to send issues. Please put a brief summary in the subject and also keep it to one topic per email. This ticket will be routed to Support and put in the queue to be worked.  You will receive a ticket confirmation and updates.

10.  Release notes will be posted on the blog page also as they get updated.

11.  We are looking to integrate insurance quotes into MSICRM over the course of the next few quarters.  We will focus on Life quotes first but will also explore Health and Medicare.  If you use a specific quote tool, let us know and we will look into its integration feasibility.

Whew!  That was a lot.  Happy Holidays – see you next year!

P.S. Thank you to those that have sent referrals our way.  It means a lot that you care enough to do this!


Theme Colors Are Available

To help users with choices of color schemes, we have enabled all four of the color choices available in the current theme. These include the default Day as well as Dawn, Dusk and Night.

You may select them in your own user profile by going to the user drop down menu in the top right corner and clicking the down arrow and selecting Profile.

Click the Actions button and then click Edit.

Tabs will show up below this and click on Layout Options.

Choose the Style and then click Save.

These are the styles available:

Day Theme – Default

Dawn Theme

Dusk Theme

Night Theme
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