Onboarding Form

    Thank you for your purchase of MSICRM.
    Please fill out the following form to the best of your knowledge. This will allow us to build your database accurately. Building your MSICRM instance may take several days as we customize your experience.
    Send us an email to onboarding@msicrm.com if you have any questions. Please do this in one sitting. You can come back to this form if you cannot complete it now. Please bookmark it.
    Only fill this form out once. Do not make multiple submissions.

    Main Contact:

    if you have a Gmail account, you can sync your MSICRM appointments with your Gmail calendar.
    This is a beta offering currently and has minimum support at this time. Do you want to integrate Google Calendar with MSICRM?

    Do you want to integrate with your Lead Provider(s) via API integration, if available? There is a fee per connection per lead provider.
    We will reach out to you regarding your Lead Providers and providing them the right information that we require for integration. We provide a template for the data format we require as well as oauth keys in json format.

    We can integrate with various email providers or we can have the system call up your email. Integration requires some configuration.
    Do you want to tightly integrate with your email system?

    Do you want to integrate with Mailchimp or SendGrid for email marketing? There is a fee per connection per mail provider.

    For SMS messaging, we will require a credit card on file for direct billing from the SMS service, Twilio. SMS is service provided by a 3rd party cellular integrator and is billed based on usage (number of text messages sent). We will contact you for the credit card information for recurring charges of text messaging. Most of our clients see a $10-$50 a month in SMS message fees during busy seasons such as AEP or ACA open enrollments.

    Attach a company logo in jpg or png format with dimensions of 184x40 and no more than 1MB in size. If dimensions are larger, we may edit or reject the submission.

    Agent: responsible for own leads, clients, accounts and applications: view and edit only, no deletions.
    AsstManager: responsible for group (downline) leads, clients, accounts and applications: view and edit AND deletions of group records.
    Manager: responsible for company leads, clients, accounts and applications: view and edit AND deletions of ALL records, and import of Leads and Clients.

    Please add your employees, contact info and their expected roles. Email is required for the username. One user per line.
    If you have many employees, you can add this data into a spreadsheet and send to us at onboarding@msicrm.com.

    Add all of your Carriers, one per line.

    Add all of your major product types, one per line.

    If you want to import clients and/or leads, we can provide a spreadsheet in order to import this data. They can be assigned to your users.
    Do you want to import clients or leads?

    Any questions or concerns, send us an email at onboarding@msicrm.com.
    We look forward to working with you.

    Any extra information you would like to provide?

    Thank you!